Kvetch ON//

AGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!  The “joys” of being a systems consultant who subcontracts….  when the top level contractor isn’t giving you the information you need to build your piece of the puzzle and then doesn’t even respond to your requests for information for 2 weeks then responds with…  We’ll describe it to you in the status call with the client….. really?  I hope you’re not expecting me to give some kind of analysis for something I haven’t seen yet…..  WTF?  GRRRRRRRR    No, I need to see the design schema, so that I can see what I need to do to build my piece and make sure that what you’re designing will work within the constraints of the pre-built data structure from the vendor…  just give me the damn documentation you have so far on the design plan so I can start thinking about it, and make comments if it won’t work!

//Kvetch OFF   (for now, there may be more after the conference call…. it seems likely at this point)


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middle-aged, female, liberal, low tolerance for stupidity, and speak my mind without apology
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